Naked Electrocycle

The BOLT concept motorbike is a beautiful combination of  the polished and sophisticated features of naked-style sports tourers and the streetfighter stance of supersports. The minimal aesthetic is somewhat deceiving as dual electric motors put out around 80kw, launching the bike with an amazing amount of torque. Other features like a clear digital display and stunning LED lighting effects leave little to be desired.

Designer: Springtime


  • Emmo709 says:

    Ducati Monster of the future, love it

  • Matthew says:

    I like the concept. Looks good. Nice lines. I’m under the impression that a “Naked” bike would show all the internals…

    Great bike but it’s not “Naked”.

  • Emmo709 says:

    I take my previous comment back, I’ve just remembered how bad the electrics were on my last Ducati. This is all electrics.

    That said, Audi have now bought Ducati, as far as I’m aware, and I think given their brand ethos they should take a look at this, or something similar.

    The naked bike thing in my mind means un-faired, which this is. I also don’t think a totally naked electric bike would have the same ‘hard edged industrial’ feel and appeal as bikes with combustion engines.

  • MDesigns says:

    Nicely done. Presentation needed a model rider….

  • Nuf_Sed says:

    Great Renders. Design is slick and minimal. Dig it!

  • Joxxxx says:

    It’s horrible… I hope this future, containing all this 100% electric stuff, will come in a very long term !

    Where is the charm of the bike ? The typical noise, the oil, the smell, the real motorbike… 🙁

  • Nathan says:

    And by “un-faired” you mean: “the headlight, forks and handlebars are un-faired”. The rest of this bike is covered in fairings, reminiscing a streamliner. Even the underside of the seat…

  • sean says:

    Please tell me when I can get one.

  • Luis says:

    You’re not aware of the ecological problems we are facing, are you? …wake up!

  • Martin says:

    Amazing! Love it! An absolute beauty!

  • Cynic says:

    I honestly think it’s kind of ugly.

    I’m not going to be happy when electric is the only way to get my 2 wheeled thrills if this is what they’re going to look like.

  • James says:

    I am not arguing… but I am curious. What is done with the energy that it takes to produce a new electric vehicle, dispose of the battery every so often, generate the electricity to run it, etc.

    For a vehicle that’s getting 24mpg and seats four but mostly seats 1, the motorcycle is already the clear winner.

    I don’t see how it’s a winner here at all unless it’s range can go forever without a refuel, and it’s also protected from solar flares, and it’s a solar powered bike that doesn’t have battery waste – THAT’s what I’d like to see. in the meantime, give me more distance, more torque, and better mpg on a gas sipper.

    So… I’m curious, what is there to wake up to to the millions of dollars of research and development, machining, factory, etc that will solve the ecological problems that gas sipping motorcycles currently don’t cause (compared to 4 wheel+) vehicles?

    I’d rather see money going into 90mpg cages or clean and safe solar vehicles that don’t require 20 batteries to be “recycled” every 5 years.

    Am I wrong in my thinking?

  • Nicolas says:

    I come from an old world car and thought I would miss the smells and vibrations but driving an EV was a revolution. It’s zen and all the sudden, you only have this incredible kick in the pants with a whizzing sound. It’s totally different. You can’t compare both but I would choose an EV any time of day, save for older bikes and cars.

    Ride one first before you make up your mind about it. 🙂

  • Nicolas says:

    Thrills? Have you ever ridden an EV? Once you do, you go back to your clunky gasoline engine and wish it had constant torque and 100% of it available as soon as the motor spins. You’ll have more thrills riding one in every day conditions than a finely tweaked gasoline bike.

    What I like most about them is no more attention split between selecting gear, listening to RPM and engaging feet like a drummer. It’s all about eye, wrist and balance, no more, no less. It’s beyond exhilarating for me.

  • Nicolas says:

    Batteries are almost 100% recyclable these days, so far 95% and above. As far as producing the bike, it’s probably less then a gasoline one, since there are less pieces to manufacture, but I need to verify that.

    Actually gasoline motorcycles in the US pollute more proportionally than cars, since the automobile is held under more scrutiny then the motorcycle world.

    As far as range, most people drive less than 100 miles a day, so in essence an Zero Motorcycles bikes will handle daily commute. Weekend getaways require a little more planing but I’ve rarely seen cafes and restaurants that don’t let you plug in while you eat or have a coffee. The only caveat is when you have a quick weekend run, then the slower charging can impede your pace, unless you find a fast charger.

    And to answer your question, this technology, in its current iteration is only a few years old compared to gasoline. In that small amount of time it’s done wonders.

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