Smartbooks Are The Next Step

Yes. Is the start of my last jam. This project is right on. I’ve been thinking about, suggesting, pushing the idea that these tiny internet machines (ipod, blackberry, etc) need to be just a little bit bigger, but not quite as big as a laptop. Students at the Savannah College of Art & Design have mocked up a messa concepts for this very purpose. With the help of Freescale chip manufacturers, they’re bustin up the streets with a nice list here!

A product just large enough to fit with books, small enough for anyone to lug around in the average sized bag. This is difficult to push, as modern day laptops are evolving toward this model anyway, but hay lets just skip a few steps, shall we?

Take a look below at the several concepts for books that will play an integral role in the future; in our scary, scary lives as electronic zombie creatures. Also watch the video below to get a terrifying glimpse into the future where a 12 year old, 7th grade student named Joseph has himself a netbook to help him through the day.

*An interesting note: Joseph has replaced Shawnimals as the creator of Wee Ninja in this alternate reality!

Designer: Students at SCAD

Scenario for Smartbooks from David Malouf on Vimeo.