10 Creative Reasons To Take Up Sports And Get Fit

Couch potatoes and computer-addicts like me can’t just rely on the remote control or the keyboards to get us enough exercise. And sweets, walking to the fridge for refills or fingers flying over the keys don’t count! Since YD is all about inspiration, let’s showcase Ten Scintillating reasons for us to take up some sort of sporting activity, that will make us fit.

10) Dumbbell Sports Drink by Jin Le

Suiting the eco-conscious and the not-so-flab-conscious, a few reps using this handy dumbbell can get you fit within no time. Fill it up with your fav low-cal drink do the reps and then reward yourself with a couple of healthy swigs!

9) Twin Parabolic Ski by Charlie Pyott

This pair of skis that is specifically meant for racers, but that shouldn’t deter us potatoes! We all wanna be racers someday…so may as well start practicing with the best possible equipment.

8 ) Collapsible Surfboard by Nicholas Notara

On the subject of surfing, if you do get adventurous enough to try it, but lament the lack of space at home to stow one; consider the Collapsible Surfboard. It looks awesome and works awesome as well!

7) Multi’Uz by Kévin Lecoutre

Confined spaces your issue? No worries, MULTI’UZ is the ideal equipment that allows you to play basketball, racquetball, golf, and football wherever you want to. It easily adapts to city life, where space comes at a premium.

6) High-tech Yoga Mat by Hui-Zong Chen

If you wanna take up power yoga, the you better be equipped with something equally powerful as this High-tech Yoga Mat. It entices you with functions like mp3, video conferencing and uses e-paper.

5) Ping Pong Door by Tobias Franzel

Ping Pong Door, as the name suggests, multitasks as a door and a ping pong table. Flip it down, pop the plastic net on and get going. Computer and TV addicts can do some serious rounds of play while keeping a watchful eye on the TV/Computer screen. Hell if a door can multitask, so can you!

4) Pumpboard Skateboard by Maciej Puzon

If you must take up skateboarding, then you need to do it in grunge-style and nothing better than the Pumpboard. Learn a few tricks from the rest of the gang and then show them a couple; like roll up your board after the session!

3) Mana Squash Racket by Sophie Horton

Wanna take up Squash but don’t have a proper coach? Get a proxy coach with the Mana Squash Racket. It comes with three different vocal settings and three different weight variations to teach you the tricks.

2) Oakley Beach Golf Club by Adrien Noirhomme

I don’t play golf for the simple reason that it will keep me away from the screen for long, but if I do indulge in the sport, then I must get this Oakley set. In fact it’s meant for Beach Golf…like a double bonus..coz working out on the beach is tougher. The head of this club can rotate from 12º to 64º so one club could take the place of many. Neat!

1) Sandviper Sandboard by Marc Bischoff

Go ahead and rule the dunes with this amazing board. Ideal for those who want to try a hand at a different kinda sport. My first attempt at sandboarding got me gulping in a whole lot of sand…so I’m gonna pass. But if I ever do try it again, I’d like to do it with Marc’s iteration.