Super Periodical Reading Combo

You are going to have basically a totally amazing time when you get your hands on this paper accessory combo. You’ve got the Magazine Hanger for one: It allows you to display the magazines you’re currently into on the wall like a coat rack, with the string and the ball at the end holding them up for easy access. Then to hold the magazines or your newspaper down to peek at, you’ve got the Newspaper Table: a dimple and a stick to get you on your way to flat reading in the waiting room pleasure!

The Newspaper Table would certainly be a welcome addition to libraries across the world. In fact, it’s so simple and nice, I’m really surprised it hasn’t been invented previous to this. Brilliance or did I.Y.Chen and I not investigate our homework enough?

And the Magazine Hanger. The Magazine Hanger has got to be my favorite way to display just such a periodical. It decorates and de-clutters, and reminds you to get rid of old mags when they’re out of date.

Reading rainbow!

Designer: Isaac Yu Chen