Royalty Free HDRI Stock

Advance computer rendered imagery have become sort of a double-edge sword for us designers. On the one hand it enables visual comps with unparalleled realism. On the other hand the technical mastery of such imagery is a challenge – that is until you throw in the advent of high dynamic range lighting provided you can find good sources. Bunkspeed just launched a ginaormous library of royalty free HDRI images for all your rendering needs. Sign up, buy some credits, download, and watch your creative work take a giant step forward.

Resources: Bunkspeed HDRI Library

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  • AlienzExist says:

    NOT FREE!!! I guess “Royalty Free” means $15-$45 for one lousy hdri. Pretty expensive, I guess we will all have to find them for free somewhere else on that internet thing, perhaps the same place where we found hypershot for free too 😉

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