E Z Sling

Unlike the average arm sling, the Z-Cured sling was designed to lock in a variety of positions to enhance both comfort and functionality to cater to different types of arm injuries. Made of alloy steel aluminum and durable ABS plastic, the lightweight stabilizer can move with the arm while holding it in a fixed position, maximizing the arms usability while speeding up recovery time.

Designer: Jason Putra


  • eno says:

    useless… the point of a sling is to immobilize the arm as much as possible… this still lets the arm swing free from the shoulder…..

  • Jason Putra says:

    Hi eno, i agree with you. although there should be another part that i did not include the picture to send to yanko. this part lets the sling hook on to your shirt. This was a concept for my school project which i think can still be refined further if i had a longer time constraints. 🙂

  • brad says:

    very good idea, but still, it would be useless for those who have broken collarbones…. It would be cool if it extended a bit more, or if you could design a collarbone “brace-sling” that allows the use of the lower arm

  • Co says:

    I think this is brilliant, I know where it could be used. My husband is a letter carrier and he holds 20lbs. of mail, at least. He has to hold his arm in one position for at least 8 hours, 6 days a week. He has now developed such strain on his muscles, it causes a lot of pain and the Dr. said it would only get worse. We’ve been trying to figure out how his elbow could be supported, a sling would only get in the way. If you need to test it out, I’m sure my husband would be willing. My husband isn’t the only one in the postal service with this problem, so that may be your target audience.

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