Ever felt uncomfortable touching a public sanitizer bottle? This hands-free spray is perfect for homes, gyms, and hospitals


I remember in the wee days of the pandemic (when we all were a little more paranoid than we are right now) feeling rather weird about using my sanitizer bottle. If my hands did, in fact, have germs, wouldn’t they just get on the bottle then? And the next time I end up touching the bottle, I’ve got germs on my hands all over again. That weirdly ominous feeling was compounded even further when I had to use public sanitizer-dispensers outside malls, supermarkets, clinics, and residential buildings. It’s been a year, the pandemic’s still not completely retreated, and sanitizers are still a pretty common thing when you’re stepping out or in… the one thing that’s changed is the fact that you don’t need to touch that sanitizer bottle anymore.

The EZSANI is a clever little spray-head that attaches onto a bottle of sanitizer and turns it into a contact-less one. Armed with a motion-sensor that can detect when there’s a surface in front of it, the EZSANI begins spraying, helping sanitize hands, objects, and foreign surfaces. Designed to work with any sanitizer liquid you’ve got, the spray-head attaches onto a portable bottle that fits in your pocket or mounts on your bag, and a larger bottle that sits on countertops or against walls.

Designer: SL Innovation

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The two bottle sizes and the multiple carrying/mounting options make the EZSANI perfect for personal, domestic, and commercial use. The smaller 35ml container is perfect for traveling with. You can stash it in your pocket or backpack (just switch the sensor off before you do) and use it as a conventional sanitizer.

If you really want to unlock the hands-free function, the mounting options let you attach it to the outside of your bag (so you can just momentarily place your palms in front of the bag to sanitize them), on your pocket, or even in your car. The motion sensor waits for 2-3 seconds to register your hand (to prevent accidental swipes and sprays), and in the event that the sensor gets blocked by a surface (if you accidentally chuck it in your bag or your pocket), it doesn’t spray more than once.

The EZSANI comes with a larger 600ml bottle too. Sporting a conical design and a broader base, the bottle’s perfect for keeping on counters or even mounting against the wall, for public or personal use. The smart spray-head simply twists on and off to attach to the smaller or larger bottle, and holds enough charge to work for 5 full days with frequent use. The EZSANI’s spray nozzle works with any type of sanitizer formula. An atomizer sprays a fine, uniform mist over your hand or a surface, efficiently sanitizing a large area without wasting any liquid.

The spray works on your hands, but can also be used as a hand-held spray gun to sanitize surfaces at hospitals, gyms, residences, or offices. The smart spray-head comes with a nifty USB-C charging port that lets you juice EZSANI’s internal 500mAh battery, and you can just keep refilling the bottle with whatever sanitizer you have on you, saving money in the long run while keeping the germs and viruses at bay!

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