Endless Expression of Information

For 350 years the Unversitylibrary Breman has organized and structured information to make it accessible to visitors. As you can imagine, the library has been witness to the incredible evolution of information sharing from paper to digital. To celebrate, this installation titled Wandern im Wissen (Wandering in Knowledge) serves as a representation of the endless flow of shared thought over the years. Hit the jump to catch a detailed vid of the process!

In the center of the 15 meters high stairway a sculpture of folded paper demonstrates the connection between the traditional storage medium and the digital information world. The permanent flow of information inquiries at the SuUB runs through on a vertical axis between four floors of the building. The random results of the inquiries release corresponding visuals of text and pictures which cause curiosity for the various activites in the library. The media sculpture highlights the abundance of the mental processes, which take place simultaneously in the library. The retrieval inquiries result in new collages of visuals of text and pictures, which form an aesthetic translation of the search procedure. The searched words, then, fill the pool of data at the ground of the stairway. Altogether the media installation poses questions about the function of the information in the age of the increasing communicational isolation. In regard to the title, the visitor literally passes through the world of knowledge.

Designer: Manuel Dreesmann