Wood Flat Seat

In the future, everything will be flat. Did you know? Everything will fold down into nothing. Also there will be no need for dust covers because we’ll have dust-repellant paper! But we’ll still need wood. And we can replenish our wood supply with trees. And we can replenish our flat stool supply with wood. Serdar Sişman’s made us a flat stool that’s made entirely of wood. Flat wood. Savvy?

The neat thing about this particular folding stool is that it can be folded down into a relatively flat bit of wood. It’s not thin as a piece of paper, but you can put your drinks on it. Then there’s the fact that you can make this particular stool out of a single tablet of wood, so says Serdar Sişman.

What we need now is rapid-prototyping machines that cut wood!

Designer: Serdar Sişman