Clampy Washy Device

Here is something you wont understand – how I could just wash a hand… sized spot. All’s I really need is that one spot cleaned on my shirt, right? I mean, the rest is clean, why not just get that big blob of goo out of there and continue on my way for the day? And I tell you what, while we’re at it, let’s make this adventure in tiny cleaning green as possible, using minimal water and the power of the sun! How about it?

This project goes by the name “Partial Washer” and is designed by super duo Rong Yong and Qian Jiang, Jiang of course being known on Yanko for his totally amazing collection of designs that basically everyone in the world loves.

This Partial Washer is made with travelers in mind. It’s small, has a thoughtfully placed handle, and packs up nice for storage. It uses a combination of solar energy and electric energy (through the cord there) to use maximum air and minimum water to cycle out stains from clothing materials. SANYO provides this new-world water cycle technique.

This reminds me of a Simpsons episode where a motorcycle gang plants themselves in the front yard of the S family abode. They become flabbergasted when they find Marge Simpson has washed their clothing with water:

Biker: Marge, how did you get my jacket so clean? I’ve tried everything to get those blood and puke stains out. I’ve tried hitting them; I’ve tried yelling at ’em…
Marge: All it takes is the right cleanser and a little elbow grease.

Or, as the Marge of the present would say – just a little air and water!

Designer: Rong Yong and Qian Jiang


Partial Washer by Rong Yong Qian Jiang