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It was thirty years ago that BMW first introduced the BMW M1 super car to the world. Now, to celebrate it’s thirty year anniversary, BMW thought it would be fun to tease us all with this updated “concept” version of the original Bavarian bombshell. Originally designed by Paul Bracq and later by famed Italian design house Giugiaro, this BMW M1 Hommage takes a clearly aggressive pose, with retro features mixing it up with very modern elements. From the louvered rear window, to the 80’s style badging on the rear and the conspicuous (for Germans) wheel design, the 80’s are definitely in at BMW’s studios and this latest version if the M1 just might raise enough eyebrows to go into production before the 80s are officially passe.

Via: Autoblog


  • Clarify says:

    Is “wow” a real word? WOW!

    What’s next? An updated DeLorean?

  • paj says:

    looks a little bit strange, but great.
    So come on, give me more…. I need more

  • Sheriff says:

    great design!…..very agressive styling!

  • Brian says:

    Nice rendering though needs a lot more work to acheive BMW styling. Try taking some queues from cars done today instead of the 80s which seems to be the inspiration for this piece.

    • TH says:

      In case you didn’t read the post, it IS BMW styling. A concept, but in-house nevertheless.

  • Kaamraan says:

    I would still take the original M1. The one on the right in the first pic.
    They could have made it SO MUCH BETTER than what they did on the left and below that.
    I mean even Burnout Dominator had a better design that looked like M1 (and Burnout IS the best series of games ever) than this.
    BMW is flopping and it shows when you look at the fact that the only cars that look better now, on the whole, than they did/would have in 2004 are the new M3 Coupe, the 1 Series Coupe/Cabriolet and the 6 Series.
    It really sucks that the only 4 people I know that I can definitely say know what’s going on with cars right now and that don’t actually work for a car company (yet) are myself and 3 of my friends. Myself, aged 15 and my 3 friends of the same age.

    You don’t really have to read from here, it’s just my opinion on a few overrated/better-back-then cars

    BMW was better 4 years ago, when they had their 318ti, their 3-series sedans that looked good from the back as well as the front, and the rest of their cars that were something you could look at and say “yoh!”.

    Merc was better before they decided to go with the flow and take aggression by itself over aggression with curves (by this I’m referring to the E-AMGs, C-AMGs, CLK-AMGs and whatever else they had until now that’s better than next year’s SL, CLK, E, and this year’s C-Class)

    Bugatti, makers of the most overrated ground-borne A380 Airbus to be made, otherwise known as the Gayr- sorry, I meant Veyron, were better in 1992 when they made the EB118. You can argue with me all you want, but you can’t honestly tell me that a “car” with 16 cylinders pushing 250 mph is better than one with 8, the Koenigsegg CCXR edition, that gets you to 260 mph, and looks over-topz while doing it

    Bentley. Bentley. No new models until 2012. The only model out now worth mentioning is the Arnage Drophead Coupe and then there’s a concept that I can’t forget- Hunaudieres- for being the ugliest thing I have seen in my life, second only to the veyron.

    Ok I’m finished now. Sorry about that speech

    • john smith says:

      Gayr? how can someone take you seriously if you’re talking like that? grow up

  • AD says:

    I dont believe that was done in-house. Someones bluffing.

  • igreenspot says:

    not really impressive, I like Bailey Blade concept much better

  • Shiella says:

    I like the design…So sophisticathed.

  • Freshome says:

    Looks more like a cartoon car.

  • dude says:

    i don’t belive that this is a BMW inhouse project at all. looking at the lines from the side which define the back, huh there’s some work to do…

    • Clarify says:

      This IS ABSOLUTELY a BMW design. It was introduced by BMW at this years Concourse De Elegance. The head of BMW introduced it himself.

  • jin woo han says:

    is it really concept form BMW design?
    what a u doing chris bangle!

  • der lude says:

    hallo ihr leutchen dadraussen, das ist mein neues auto, angucken ist erlaubt, aber nicht anfassen

    yo, check this out

  • dave says:

    amazing design, not too keen on the rims however.

  • Rob says:

    If Brak was a car, it wouldbe this.

  • Tony says:

    the fronts ok… but the back WOW thats hot….

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