Wood becomes fluid using the DIY wood-carving technique in this sculpture. Watch the video!

People usually see a beautiful piece of material, an artist sees the unleashed potential it holds. That is what I believe designer Dan Nguyen’s motto must be every time he looks at the material of his choice – the humble block wood and turns it into fluid and soft piece of art.

Ironic by design, the San Diego based artist takes this hard material and transforms them into massive wood sculptures that hold soft ripples and folds. Nuge’s process begins with sketching out the ripples that are followed by wood cutting and then smoothing it out, till you have this flowing expanse of wood that immediately provides visual calmness to your interiors. To hear it in Nuge’s own words, “The art that I create today, in essence, is a rebellion to my architectural background. I create organic forms out of wood that is in stark contrast to the hard lines and rigid nature of architecture. My work is about flow, energy, and human connection. It is because of these elements that I have a heavy emphasis for creating everything by hand.”

Art is an extension of the artist’s imagination and their dedication to bringing that design to life. “In a world where technology is integrated into every part of our lives feeding us instant gratification, there is a beauty to being able to produce something heartfelt with my hands. This method requires enormous patience but also allows me to revisit my work daily. I massage the surface into place in a way that could not be experienced behind a computer screen. The energy can be felt when my soul is poured into my work.” And it is this energy+soothing presence you feel when you watch Nuge at work!

Designer: Dan Nguyen for L&G projects contemporary art