4 in 1

I wish I could pick one up at the local hardware store. I’m not an “outdoors” person nor do I have a green thumb. I can’t ever recall needing to dig a ditch but I suspect whenever the time comes, I’ll be kicking myself for not having the Divi Shovel. Two kinds of shovels, a hoe (natch!) and a broom –  all in a neatly packed mobile set. The entire surface is begging for Hello Kitty decals, ironic bumper stickers, and gold stars. I’m sold!

Designer: Jo Sumin


  • Klappstuhl says:

    That looks very usefull, I’d totally get one. Doing a lot of gardening at home.

  • Eric Foor says:

    This would seem pretty useful for gardeners, especially if they are on the go or don’t want to carry around too much equipment with them.

    My neighbor is a gardener and I bet he might like it. Even though his shed is about 20-30 feet from his garden.

    Off topic somewhat but it reminds me of the main character from the flash series “Xombie”. He always carries a shovel on his back to use it as a weapon.

  • Looks nice, but that handle will kill you(r skin on your hands). Some serious work on grip is needed to support work of more than 5 minutes.

  • Joddie says:

    Wow.. nice job
    but.. is it from plastic ? If yes, i’m not sure they strong enough to dig.. 🙂 but somehow I must say that the idea behind these things is GREAT.. they are a new start for another (great) invention..

  • MadCow says:

    hey nice project… industrial design at its finest. a few comments:

    i can’t imagine this being made from plastic, main components must be aluminum, even then depending on the attachments, tensile strength may be compromised. but it can be fixed with some good engineering.

    i am also a little concerned about the ergonomics, it doesn’t look too comfortable to hold or use, the handle looks too wide… but hey, thats why we prototype.

    score one for yanko, finally an ID post on the right track.

    • MadCow says:

      wanted to add: i think a rake attachment would be a plus as most yard/garden work ends with raking…

      looking at it again, the attachment mechanics need serious work, as is now, not enough surface area connects with the main handle for leverage.

  • Matt says:

    Beautiful and highly refined aesthetic!! I love it but in terms of usability I can’t imagine ever bothering to pack it up into its case, nor carry it around the garden with the strap.

  • Confucius says:

    Nice design, practical, inventive, waste reducing and nice renderings. 10 out of 10 this works for me. If only we saw more of these products on here that tick all the boxes. ‘Aesthetic only’ designers can learn alot from this.

  • robban says:

    nice model…

  • TOM JI says:

    Wow it’s really wonderful. Can I BUY THIS ONE ?
    Notification of the contact point (email address, etc) would be highly appreciated, Mr.Jo.THANK YOU.

    • Jo Su-min says:

      Hi, I’m Su-min.
      Thak you very much about your reply.
      But this project is just concept Design.
      When i was student, I design this for design contest and dgree show 🙂
      My e-mail adress is [email protected]
      Have a good day~

  • Rob says:

    This would probably only last a few minutes of actual hard work before falling completely apart.

  • james says:

    looks great, but would never work as desired.
    1. good luck getting a rigid enough attachment point for the different heads. the first rock you hit with the shovel the whole thing will start to loosen up on you.
    2. plastic isnt durable enough for this. again, hit one rock and end up with a huge gouge in your shovel, youll break it soon enough.
    3. aluminum isnt durable enough either. the leading edge would become trash very quickly and the entire thing would fatigue at the joint.

    there’s a reason shovels and hoes are made out of wood and steel; there meant to get a job done, not look sleek.
    @carl and @madcow. not a single part of this will ever be under tension. what matters here is the stiffness, compressive strengh, toughness, and wear characteristics of the material used…

  • Would break in a day

  • Would break in a day

    • @teaDorian says:

      That was exactly I was about to post. Unfortunately, it's damn hard make these kind of designs to handle the hard-pressured situation, such as when we USE it.

  • jraul says:

    This seems like the “burying a corpse kit”…

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