A Seat for All Cool Jazz Readers

DEDE DextrousDesign you guys did it again! This time it’s a completely amazing two-in-one chair that not only allows you to sit, but it takes care of your books as well. How? There’s no shelves or anything! Ah, but there is. Right behind your butt. There you can slip in a magazine or two, or maybe even a short novel. Then if you’re reading something very interesting but must take a short snack break, you can use the gap under your forearm to hold your page. Glorious!

I don’t know what it is, something about this chair makes me think of smooth jazz flutes just jamming out a little bit while I read my book in a coffee shop. You know where these chairs would work out really well? Probably that same coffee shop. Man that’d be beautiful.

Designers: DEDE DextrousDesign