It’s Raining Pictures From My Shower

When you see a sleek little projector like this Photo Shower, you expect it to be packed with tech-specs and groundbreaking features; but NO! No, no, no! It DOES NOT boast of any such things, in fact it goes out of the way to ensure that you get the point: It’s a simple uncomplicated projector. It’s USP; it pours images down the screen like the cascade from a shower head; that’s it! Drops of photos trickle down the screen. Functions on the device are pretty basic but it sure scores high on the glam quotient.

Sometimes simple devices re-packaged in a glamorous avatar could be the things that we look for in life. For example I’m sure many of you may have been content with browsing through your photos from albums. The joy of developing a film roll and seeing the end results has its own old-world charm. However innovation was necessary, hence we see digital cameras and digital picture frames peppering our lives. I wonder how many of us find that same pleasure when we browse through buttons of a frame as we did when we leafed through the book albums.

Rustic, nostalgic, old, whatever!
If I have to give-in to the current trends, then I may as well adopt easy-to-operate projectors that spill out images from a shower head! As long as they go with my décor; I’m good!

Designers: Hyun Jin Yoon & Eun Hak Lee