Behold! The Desk of Purest Comfort!

Made for only the purest of the pure comfort; here is the “Edge Desk.” Designed by certified non-newb designer Alexei Mikhailov. This desk is made for design professionals and design studio owners. If these clients prove true, surely this desk would also ring correct for design schools as well. Its geometric shape provides an ambidextrous an attempt at a perfectly-ergonomic experience in sketching. Drawing and writing are also allowed, maybe possibly.

Inclines on the side are “in the area where the wrist meets the edge in order to create a more ergonomically comfortable sketching experience.” Overhanging shelves on the sides there are in place to store “markers, paper, or even a desktop pc without cluttering the work area.”* And finally, the most interesting part:

The system aspect of the desk, allows for its form to be arranged in various special configurations according to the desires of the available area or client. The desk can be placed in configurations as follows: symmetrical, radial and asymmetrically.


*also, what if my work area IS my laptop?

Designer: Alexei Mikhailov