When France Gives You Champagne, You Make…

Beauteous industrial designs. Below check out three top amalgamations of the eco-friendly totally-new Veuve Clicquot champagne box. Devour the color of this “Design Box,” first of all. Look at that yellow! Or is it gold? With red accents. Oh then also it’s made of paper. Paper only. Less than 5% coverage with inks, glues, and solvents. And no plastic film. And micro-grooving is used to reduce the amount of paper in the packaging. AND the paper is FSC approved. What’s that mean?

FSC: “The paper used comes from forests under management of the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), a non-profit organizationestablished to promote the responsible management of our forests.” Wowie. Now check out some of the projects inspired by the box, along with renderings of all three and in-progress pics of the couch and the cellar.

1) Couch by Front Design Boxes stacked and arranged to create an interesting albeit seemingly difficult to clean couch. That’s not to say it’s not splendidly-modern and probably truly comfortable for it’s squareness. Take a peek at the pic that shows one of the designer ladies from Front having a sit on a bit of it : doesn’t she look joyous?

2) Lamp by Tom Dixon: part of an edition of 500 lamps for the greater good of cut-up letters! Slicing graphic design projects up like this can go wrong, but sometimes can go terribly, terribly right. This sort of letters-to-chopped-pattern motif is a trend that’s not quite reached it’s peak yet. It’s still big in the designy-shops in my city of Minneapolis – here Dixon does it right.

3) Cellar by 5.5 Designers: a wall I wouldn’t mind testing out in my house. The repetition works, and so does the brickery motif. Super orangy. Notice how the design of the box becomes the pattern for the whole object. The cellar is built to house the champagne boxes in the same way store shelves are sized to fit them for distribution.

Ideation abound! Fit to win.

Designer: Veuve Clicquot featuring Front Design, Tom Dixon, 5.5 Designers