Vertigo Inducing Kazimir Supermatic

This highly conceptual interior space with spatially graphic planes meeting into floors meeting into ceilings meeting into walls is not for the faint at mind. Kazimira Malevich’s supermatic compositions are prototypes, schemes on which the spectator can define his/her own spacial relationship within the room. Even the shadows cast by the lines create more geometric planes to confuse the visitor. Remember to take a dramamine before entering. 

Designer: 2-B-2 Architecture


  • Jeremiah says:

    This would be awesome in a movie, or better, a video game! But as a real life experience… Ah, what am I saying, that would be super awesome to explore 😛

  • frezzingaces says:

    it reminds me of this building with slightly slopped floors at the top so you fell like your falling out

  • Wybie says:

    this is impressive

  • Lamah says:

    I particularly like the complex areas of sunlight and shade.

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