Who Knew the Swiss Army Made Stoves?

They DON’T. But designer Ryan Cavenagh would like to imagine what it would look like if they did. Here, in a project he’s done his sophomore year, Cavenagh presents a small backpacking stove that runs on denatured alcohol. Swanky? Is it nice enough? Does it look legit enough? Rumor has it that the Swiss are pretty hard on their product approval. Would this make the cut?

Get it? Cut. Like a Swiss Army Knife. Knives cut things. Get it? It’s what we call a joke. A totally good one. Probably the best joke of all time.

Also the stove is aluminum, and it’s pretty tiny. Take a peek at the rest of the pictures below for more details, and tell some judgement. Some SWISS judgement.

Designer: Ryan Cavenagh


  • Free says:

    There are a few companies that already produce alcohol stoves similar to the popcan stove, I purchased one made from titanium (for weight mostly). However, I do like the fact that this design allows you to open up and possibly clean or empty the internal chamber. A little rock went into mine, and the jingling sound it makes drives me nuts.

  • steven says:

    I believe the brand is Victorinox, not the Swiss Army.

    Wouldn’t you have to wait a while for the stove to cool down before you could handle it to put it back in your bag?

    • Luke says:

      I’m betting this wasn’t an officially sanctioned project, and so no actual brand name (like Wenger or Victorinox) was used out of legal concerns.

  • Trekker says:

    I had a very similar stove.
    It´s ok, but you always have to take a bottle of alcohol about 1 litre with you… Another problem is, that cooking more than a small steak or a boiling a tea is very difficult.
    i am an ultralightweighttrekker and we use to make some own stoves of tins or just a fire on the ground to get our meals hot…

  • David Nichol says:

    Just a small point from a mountaineering person. The Swiss Army do issue a stove. Google “Swiss Army Volcano Stove”.

  • Prospet_126 says:

    Are the filled with a wick of some sort, looks very similar to a trangia in terms of design.

  • Name* says:

    Hack again?!

  • Name* says:

    Hack again?!

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