Who Knew the Swiss Army Made Stoves?

They DON’T. But designer Ryan Cavenagh would like to imagine what it would look like if they did. Here, in a project he’s done his sophomore year, Cavenagh presents a small backpacking stove that runs on denatured alcohol. Swanky? Is it nice enough? Does it look legit enough? Rumor has it that the Swiss are pretty hard on their product approval. Would this make the cut?

Get it? Cut. Like a Swiss Army Knife. Knives cut things. Get it? It’s what we call a joke. A totally good one. Probably the best joke of all time.

Also the stove is aluminum, and it’s pretty tiny. Take a peek at the rest of the pictures below for more details, and tell some judgement. Some SWISS judgement.

Designer: Ryan Cavenagh