No Green in Los Angeles

Not for long, anyway; not at this rate. According to the design group in charge of this project, 60% of urban water consumption goes toward landscaping. Quite simply, this is because of what’s called “traditional lawns,” aka, lush green grass that doesn’t naturally grow well in untended-by-humans California. The alternative is “California native gardens,” those which are easy to tend to, cheaper than the alternatives, and don’t suck up the H20 supplies at anywhere near the current rate. Here’s the campaign to save LA.

See below for images of this campaign. It delivers quick, easy info on what’s going on, what the alternatives are, and how to make the goodness happen. As it turns out, saving Los Angeles from itself is really quite colorful!

Build Awareness: Educate the public on the LA water supply.

Present Alternatives: What people can use instead of “traditional lawns” in their yard, aka switch to a drought-resistant California lawn.

Provide Resources: Tell em how to do it.

The CalArts Design Team working on this project is as follows:
Eileen Hsu, PMFA Graphic Design
Pouya Jahanshahi, PMFA Graphic Design
Manuel Garcia, BFA 4 Graphic Design
Masato Nakada, MFA 1 Graphic Design
Michelle Park, BFA 4 Graphic Design
Maece Seirafi, MFA 1 Graphic Design

Designer: CalArts Design Team (see post for list)