Photog Hounds Like The Leica S5

The Leica S5 concept is a technical and stylish evolution to its predecessor the S2. A reduced form factor accentuates the optical connection between body and lens. The objective was to design a body which emits harmony – underlining the technological advances of the S- System.

The specs are pretty high-up but a little wishful thinking doesn’t hurt. The Leica S5 carries a GPS and image stabilizer onboard, which make the camera suitable for sport- action photo sessions. An integrated WLAN connection makes computer tethering less of a headache. An additional feature is the ability to make HD- short movies, one we see many of the top-tier digital SLRs are throwing in.

Technical specifications:

Effective pixels 50 Megapixels
Sensitivity ISO 100- 3200
Storage media SD, Compact Flash
Monitor 3-inch, 950 000 pixels
Flash shoe-mount flash
Image stabilizer yes
Live-View yes
GPS receiver yes
Interface USB 2.0, HDMI, WLAN

Designer: Stefan Radev


  • Jarek says:

    Who cares about megapixels, live view, GPS …? I am asking, where are all the buttons and switches that any serious photographer needs? DSLR cameras are supposed to be tools, not toys. The user interface of this one seems closer to iPhone than a real camera like Nikon D3.

    • Radu says:

      any serious photographer doesn’t need to have lots of buttons and switches. A serious photographer relies on his talent and the camera is exactly what it is supposed to be a tool. It reminds me of kids now a days that can’t do math because they grew up using calculators in the classroom and are lost without one. I agree that GPS is a useless feature on a pro camera but elegance in a camera is importand and I want a camera that get’s out of my way and lets me produce great photographs and that I don’t have to be hindered in having a lot of buttons I have to push and prod with.

  • advanced SLR says:

    this is an concept SLR and i think designer has indeed done well to put up this gem…this may trully be the future of cameras…

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