How to Stage a Perma-Stage

So I know a lot of you are bohemians. You travel from place to place, packing up all of your belongings on a weekly basis and living in a brand new place, each time. Or. What’s that? You’ve lived in the same place for several years? Well how do you stay inspired? You change your perma-surroundings to make your surroundings less perma? Why, that sounds just lovely! They should make more city landmarks like that. Like, oh, say… stages for public performances! Yes, indeed!

Oh holy crap they are doing that. It’s designers Jan Ledwon and Alicja Chola to the rescue with the urban planning and the architecture learnings and the whatnot.

Check out how conscious they are of urban surroundings (which of course, means nothing but graffiti upon graffiti and so fourth.) The sculptural form is nothing without bright shiny lights and the occasional rip-roaring performance by a band.

This design, which originates in Poland, has just won first place in the Trimo Urban Crash international design competition for students of architecture. According to officials from the competition, “their proposal for a cultural stage will be built on-location in Ljubljana, Slovenia, this summer.”


Oh and AMS33 is just a code name for now.

Designers: Jan Ledwon & Alicja Chola