Two Wild and Crazy Bracelets

I tell you: me and my brother, we know how to get the ladies. We just talked to Ben Greene about his boss tactic for getting matched up. Really! You put the band on, right on, on your hand, and you load up all your infos like about your love for mustard and whatnot. From there, it’s a synch! You just pick “teaser” or “seeker” (my brother and I are always the hip and together seekers) and you’re on your way! Really! I mean it! We put them on when we got in!

So you have the bracelet. You put your info in (likes, dislikes, personality traits, everything Barnum could think of,) and you switch it on. Turn on Seeker or Teaser, then either get to waiting or get to finding.

Once activated, RFID signals are sent out to all the other bracelets in the club. The three most compatible companions’ bracelets light up with EKG pulses to match yours. Wowie!

As you move closer to your potential mate, the light gets lighter, and a pulse mechanism on the bottom of the bracelet gives you an extra incentive.

Then you look at their shoes, compliment their eyes, meet their parents, and get married!

Designer: Ben Greene