Better Cutting, Better Cleaning

A combination of form and function, the Bamboo Appetito is a cutting board designed to reinvent conventional food preparation. With traditional boards you have to sweep waste off to make room for more food. The Bamboo Appetito solves this problem with a split cutting surface and track running underneath that conceals a stainless steel utensil tray.

The cutting surface easily slides open to give quick access to the tray and slides closed to conceal food waste during use, eliminating the messy transportation problem. Additionally, the juice trough will never overflow because it continuously drains into the utensil tray. When you’re finished using the cutting board, simply slide the two cutting surfaces off the tray, easily remove the food waste, and wash. It is an asymmetrical form that was designed to be easily manufactured. Bamboo Appetito is made from bamboo and stainless steel.

Designer: Joel Robert Axelrod


  • Paulius says:

    It’s fantastic!

  • Eric says:

    Um ok? I use my cutting board on the edge of the counter with the trash right below, so I don’t see how sweeping things off my cutting board in a forward direction into the garbage is anything harder than sweeping it off into a bin I need to clean later. You still have to sweep the waste somewhere, what’s the difference? Ps looks cool.

    • VoReason says:

      I agree. This is creating a mess rather then cleaning one. The only viable way this would work is if you put the board on the trash can. And we all know that that, besides being germ riddled and stinky, is a no-no for humans. People dont want to associate trash and food.

    • Katie says:

      You raise a good point. However, I compost 98% of my food waste. Since my compost bucket is small and doesn’t sit on the floor at counter height, I am forever having to pick up my cutting board to scrape off waste into the bucket. This gets very messy, especially with juicy items like fruit, and sometimes it’s hard to balance the board and the knife and get all the waste in the intended spot. I would love something like this to collect my compost-ables as I go, then I can empty the tray into the bucket, without even using a knife. True, you have to wash the tray, but I’d rather do that than wash the counter/floor/outside of the compost bucket from all the drips. I’d like to handle one, to see how the parts work, but I love the idea.

  • Mat says:

    nice execution but Joseph Joseph nailed this years ago I think

  • Carl says:

    not bad, but what about cleaning after u chop chicken or fish on it? how do u clean every part, ie the hidden parts? this is where it gets complex.

  • Abi says:

    I think this would be great for making salads or anything where you had to chop a lot of similar items like fruits or vegetables. I always make a mess and feel like my board isn’t big enough for waste and chopped food. I also like how it looks, but would want to see it come apart for cleaning.

  • Henrique Staino says:

    As a cook I say thumbs down for this one. The intention here is good, I know, but:

    1. It doesn’t solve any problems. In fact it creates some. Now, not only I have to sweep stuff off the board, but I also have to slide half of it to access the container and sweep the waste into it.

    2. It’s made of wood. Even here in Brazil, a country that can be REALLY retrogradous regarding health care and environmental laws, wood is forbidden in commercial kitchens. Really, no matter how the wood has been treated. Pro-hi-bi-ted. I suggest you design things using altilen

    3. the base of the container below the board is narrower. This will cause instability when working near the edges of the board.

    4. There are no guarantees that in a few months of use, the two parts of the board wont be sliding away from each other while you chop, as a result of usage.

    5. the metal parts attached to the board to make it slide are probably impossible to clean up. At least, it’s more difficult to clean up than regular chopping boards.

    6. for a chopping board to be practical, it must be absolutely flat. Any deformations on it makes it swing as you chop and it starts to turn and move around. Now, go through your kitchen and find me one (only one) steel tray that is completely flat. I thought so.

    7. It’s heavier than a usual board.

    8. It’s more expensive than a usual board.

    9. You should have thought more before designing this.

    • Sam says:

      I have at least 3 steel trays that lie flat on my countertop. Seems to me like the weight of the tray would serve to help steady the tray.

      • Henrique Staino says:

        It doesn’t. Cooks tend to use wet paper towel or wet pieces of cloth to make the boards stable.

    • Simplex says:

      I don’t think I’d mind it being heavier, since I’d only pick it up to be emptied once. I’d also expect to pay more than for a regular board since this one is offering me a convenience.

  • Simplex says:

    I’ve actually looked for something like this, since my kitchen is awkward and I have no surfaces or counters near my trash. To be able to cut many things without constant trips to the trash would be great for me. A removable tray would make it easy to compost the waste, again, in one trip. Don’t know how easy it is to clean, but I’m sold on the idea.

  • ahmed_farouk1991 says:

    very fantastic

  • DB says:

    looks really cool.

  • J.R. Blackwell says:

    I love it. I think it would be great for someone with a small space to chop.

    I was involved in a cooking competition recently where I was chopping a lot of veggies very fast. The trashcan filled up quickly and I needed to move quickly though chopping different veggies. This board would have been so useful during that competition. I would buy one today.

  • Fredrik says:

    An alternate solution to the waste problem:

    (…this i just a sketch)

    I think this both solves the problems with cleaning and in addition adds the possilbility to recycle. Plastic and packaging goes in one container while food waste goes in another 🙂

  • mark says:

    the board at a fundamental level isn’t great for the knives anyway. its not an end grain board so it’s going to make your knife go blunt faster. while conceptually the idea is great there would only be a real benefit if the board was integrated into a much larger fixed work area.

  • Ram says:

    As some one who loves cooking, the problem is real but the solution offered may be adds more problems. A good rethink is necessary.
    I can already think of three ways of achieving this end goal

  • hellen says:

    I want to find it! Please where?!?!?!?

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