Medical Nanny

I find it really funny that the guy who gave us the awesome Lounge Bar has devised a medication manager. It’s like first tempting you to drink and then telling you- no worries, tank up, I’ve got the hangover pills ready for you to pop! The Braun Clever Care Medical Coach not only stores all you medicines, but also syncs in your medical records and prescriptions straight from the doc’s office via GSM or Internet. It also provides a database to hold all medical records for the entire family.

Individual records for vaccines, screenings, visits to dentists, medical appointments etc. are earmarked on the built in calendar. You can set reminders for daily medical doses as well schedule future appointments or reminders via the system. In short this medical nanny stores all your medicines, archives medical history for you and the family plus reminds you to take your pills. Neat!

Designer: Marc Salagnac, Ludovic Diallo and Cédric Dervillier


  • collide007 says:

    Whats with the iphone? The screen is covering the top where the speaker and sensors are, lol.

  • Patron says:

    Don’t you think Americans and Brits are already hypochondriac enough?

  • Roque says:

    have you noticed that james “braun is in one of the renders? hahahah

  • Lisa says:

    Today’s busy schedule, we can’t remember our daily dose of medicine and we face out more health problems. But After the nanny medical invention, we can get reminders for medication dose, that’s really nice.

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