The Key To My Memory

Let’s rewind a bit here and see what I found on the YD pages with regards to USB Stick designs. Some rectangular blobs with no aesthetic appeal whatsoever! Sheesh! A far cry from the sorry Humping Dog or Star Wars Mimobots, the radical USB’s featured on YD should include elegant alternatives like the Clé. Crafted to look like a Victorian era key, the ceramic bodied stick holds either 2GB or 4GB and would look pretty fashionable with your comp.

Designer: Alissia Melka-Teichroew for byAMT Studio

Since we are talking about memory, allow me to jog yours; here are some radical USB designs we’ve done before.

Credit Card Size USB Card by Jurjen Rolf for Freecom

Dominos Pendrive by Marcos Breder

Wine Stopper USB Memory Stick by Arwye Wan

USBee by Damjan Stankovic

Asterisco Hub by Joel Escalona


  • Lamah says:

    They look quite cool, and (unlike many of the things on this blog) could actually be made. I think the second picture might be of prototypes printed on a 3D printer – the matte, translucent material doesn’t look anywhere near as nice as the renderings in the first picture. If that represents the design of the final product then I certainly wouldn’t be interested.

    It’s kind of odd having the shape afford rotation of the key, when such rotation will destroy either the USB socket or the shaft.

    • Radhika Seth says:

      I think the second pic is the prototype, In fact the company is looking for manufacturers for mass production of these keys.

    • Carl says:

      its one of those items where there is a little fixed component then the rest can be anything and everything. It us very similar to light shades. For me the utilitarian side is dominant, in that i would rather spend a few pounds more to have double storage capacity, than have the USB shaped like a wasp.

  • Paul says:

    I love the simplicity of the final USB Hub, there seem to be an equally ridiculous amount of poorly designed hubs as drives.

    • bob says:

      thats what i thought: didnt lacie already produce those.

      tbh i like the lacie ones better

  • Brian says:

    The only one that is remotely interesting is the USB card – the others are either bland or impossible to manufacture.

    I can’t help but wonder how quickly these will go the way of the 8-track…

  • abby says:

    So cool, I also find out many kinds of lovely usb at tradestead , they are all very beautiful and very lovely.

  • paulo weskerson says:

    very intereting and cool !!!! awesome…..where can find this one?

  • Abraham says:

    I have one of those USBcards it’s 1gb size and it will make look like professional or businessman “well that’s what is happening to me” if you want my advise don’t use it too much instead keep it as back-up for your important files if you are not in your office you can use it and continue your work that’s what i do. and don’t use too much or it will get ruined and full of scratches.

  • Sakusuika says:

    Hey!!! I have a cuestion here!!!!
    Where I can get the USB with key form.. ????
    pleaseeeeeee tell meeeeee!!! ~(>x< )~

  • Sakusuika says:

    Hey!!! I have a cuestion here!!!!
    Where I can get the USB with key form.. ????
    pleaseeeeeee tell meeeeee!!! ~(>x< )~

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