Camping Trip Also Means Cooking

There is no stopping the imagination of a designer, sometimes they come up with fictitious tech-specs and at other times they open up an imaginary company to promote their designs. Our friend Rob here has taken the support of a fictional company called Camplite to tout his Aduro camp stove as a camping essential; I think that’s really sweet! He’s sitting on the fence regarding the kind of fuel that Aduro will use, however he’s very sure about his design.

To refill the stove with fuel, one would simply have to unscrew the foot, in line with the control knob, and then either pour (if liquid) or screw in (if gas) the raw fuel. Ideally you should be doing this re-fueling at home before the trip.

With regards to the form of the stove, Rob has opted for clean, smooth lines (no sharp edges here to rip bags) and incorporated 3 rubberized feet to add stability for all-terrain usage. These feet also serve to elevate the stove enough so that air can be drawn from below and the flame stays away from the ground and any debris.

Designer: Rob Prickett & Matt Lundy