Never Stop Folding Bikes Smaller

Perhaps you are a bike folding aficionado and/or industrial designer of bikes. Perhaps you’re familiar with the recent Yanko bike folding feature. (It’s still in the top 10 posts for the week!) Perhaps you wanted more? Here you go. It’s called the “IziBi” bicycle; it folds so much, so very much you wouldn’t believe it.

Single front and rear suspension. Frame made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer, direct drive system on the back made of aluminum alloy. Front half slides into back half, back half unlatches and folds across front half, pedals fold up. So many folds. So many.

Do you think it’ll hold together? Is this reasonably nice looking? Will people buy it? I’m looking at you, Paul, Migo, Carl, M.S.W., Jessica… You’ve tried the bikes, bought the bikes, and even tried to hustle the bikes.

Will it blend?

Designer: Renato Gschwend


  • Carl says:

    nice idea.

  • Paul says:


    This uses a similar arrangement to the Dahon Jack
    one of my favourite folding bikes.
    The idea of a telescopic top tube would however suffer badly from ingression of dirt ect. (seems to be aimed a bit towards MTB) Carbon Fibre really would not handle the sliding surfaces and stresses well, and overall would not offer much space / weight gains.
    It is however good to see people challenging the use of materials.

  • Sean says:

    Looks like it will fold as soon as you sit on it

  • FLX says:

    Are those really flip-pedals? That would be the most insane idea ever… try standing on these -> ouch! Saddleballs!

  • Jessica says:

    Well it is a reasonably nice looking bike, not all that visually different than the iF Mode folding bike that has been winning design awards recently.
    However, I agree with Paul that the telescopic top
    tube is a problematic design. Similar designs have
    been done in that past and even if the top tube was
    done in aluminum or steel instead of carbon fiber
    (which is a bad material choice for the stresses
    incurred in this design), it would still suffer
    from play and rattle.

  • Henrique Staino says:

    I didn’t know they had inveted adamantium!

  • The telescopic top tube is not the problem (Giatex has used this feature successfully for years). I’d be concerned about the joint where the rear wheel rotates/folds forward. I’m not convinced it could handle the stress and see this as the failure point. The folded dimensions would be larger than the somewhat similar looking IF MODE ( and the IziBi would be awkward to roll when folded because the wheels would be somewhat angled (due to the folding design of the frame). I do like the telescoping top tube. Since the design is a mountain bike, I’d use a rubber dust boot/grommet to prevent debris from entering between the top tube sections. The grommet would function similarly to that on the mono tube suspension “fork,” but wouldn’t need to be as robust.

  • abby says:


  • Nico says:

    Way cool!, it’s the first time a foldable bike doesn’t seems like a foldable bike.

    FLX, the flip-pedals are already used on Belda foldable bikes and they work perfect.

  • Chung Dha says:

    Looks like a weak constructions I bet it cracks in half when you try to ride it off road as a mountainbike is build for. Also closing the padels wont work if you ride and step on the wrong site it collapse you break your neck.

  • james says:

    man it amazes me how big of a rip off that thing is and how ulgy it is. Good luck making a lefty (or righty) fork with Cannondale’s patent on it. OH and by the way, Cannondale already makes this prototype bike and its way sexier than this thing.
    link sure,

  • Nice design … But i feel it a little scary

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