Never Stop Folding Bikes Smaller

Perhaps you are a bike folding aficionado and/or industrial designer of bikes. Perhaps you’re familiar with the recent Yanko bike folding feature. (It’s still in the top 10 posts for the week!) Perhaps you wanted more? Here you go. It’s called the “IziBi” bicycle; it folds so much, so very much you wouldn’t believe it.

Single front and rear suspension. Frame made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer, direct drive system on the back made of aluminum alloy. Front half slides into back half, back half unlatches and folds across front half, pedals fold up. So many folds. So many.

Do you think it’ll hold together? Is this reasonably nice looking? Will people buy it? I’m looking at you, Paul, Migo, Carl, M.S.W., Jessica… You’ve tried the bikes, bought the bikes, and even tried to hustle the bikes.

Will it blend?

Designer: Renato Gschwend