Minimal Rigid Desk

The first product available in the L&Z line, The Sinus Trestle, is a simple and smooth design who’s interesting shape still sets it apart from ordinary table designs. Each side of the base is made of a single piece of tubular steel that is bent into its static shape, making for a robust and fairly lightweight design that will blend effortlessly into both modern and classic settings. Hit the jump to catch it in the making!

The bent steel pipe is round, 25 mm thick, and measures: H 72 x W 74 x D 36 cm. A pair of trestles weighs 9kg and can be loaded with up to 300 kg. The trestles are powder coated in the colors black, white, blood orange, or chrome-plated. Threads are worked into the pipe ends to attach height-adjustable feet. Support pads are located on top of the trestle’s bearing points; these prevent the tabletop from slipping or scratching the trestles. If you want to screw the tabletop on permanently, there is a hole drilled underneath the support pads.

Designer: L&Z

Der Sinus wird gebogen from L&Z on Vimeo.