Book Case Genetics

Returning lumberjack slash designer Joel Escalona has a bookcase for us all that gets back to basics in a real metaphorical way. Or is it physical? What I DO have the real 411 on is the fact that this is definitely not for putting in the corner. Definitely this DNA is made for the center of the room. All seeing!

Escalona defines this particular case as a definer of “a significant part of your personal identity.” You bet! Fill this up with things with 4 sides. All seeing this is indeed because everyone from all sides can see it.

This ain’t no big brother, it’s the Book brother!

Designer: Joel Escalona

MYDNA Bookcase by Joel Escalona 01

MYDNA Bookcase by Joel Escalona 02

MYDNA Bookcase by Joel Escalona 03

MYDNA Bookcase by Joel Escalona 04


  • Carl says:

    not for a corner or a wall? so this goes in the centre of a room then? wont all my priceless items fall if i knock into this? could it also be a little top heavy?

  • Beta says:

    I kinda like it, nice concept.
    I dont mind having this IN THE CENTRE OF A ROOM, because I’m not an idiot who thinks that I’m gonna knock it over right in front of me… And I don’t think your priceless item will fall, you would hurt yourself and fall… And maybe some books would fall on you.
    But good news, not all of them will fall on you while some will go back, unlike a normal bookcase.

  • I can imagine more than one of them in the room creating a “moving” space.

  • Andy says:


    • confucius says:

      The people may be made to follow a path of action, but they may not be made to understand it.

  • Markus says:

    Beautiful!!! Is there a way to buy it?

  • david says:

    hi what are the dimensions of this product

  • david says:

    what material is it made from?

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