The Power to Charge it All


If you’re one of those lucky individuals who own more than one high-tech device that you carry around all day – iPhone, GoPro, Airpods, iPad and so on – then Nomad has heard your prayers and answered them gracefully. Conveniently charge five devices at once with the Nomad Wireless Charging Hub. The Nomad Wireless Charging Hub has a wireless top that charges your phone, as well as four extra ports underneath.

Looking somewhat like a router, this wireless charger is the most efficient one of its kind. I never thought I would see a wireless charger and think it looks perfect with more wires coming out of it, but here I am. Thankfully, due to the LED network on the top of the device, one can check if their device is charging and/or fully charged (the LEDs are orange when charging and white when fully charged). But of course, these lights can be a pain during the night. Keeping that in mind, Nomad has included an inbuilt ambient light sensor that dims the lights in a dark room – how considerate.

Designer: Nomad

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