If Those Little Lights Aren’t Cutting It

So you’re hearing impaired. And the telephone rings. But you aren’t looking at the phone, so you can’t see that little light flashing on it.* Or you’re looking for a new solution for waking up in the morning. Or the doorbell rings. What ever do you do? You come over here and check this right out, right now! It’s a wristband that informs about all of that at once, through sensations in the skin!

*This is assuming you’ve got a land-line of course. Not all in the world have a mobile cell phone yet!

Skin receptors are abundant on your wrist. That’s why the teacher SMACKS you on the wrist when you’re in trouble! (Or, at least, my auntie told me they used to do that in the school they went to.) So, instead of that, this device, the “Aria,” makes use of those skin receptors with patterns of touch in this fabulous band. Six audible events in the home communicate to the user of the band through different pressing patterns.


Designer: May Wilson

Aria hearing impaired home sensory device by May Wilson