Living and Breathing

Is Mongolia the hot spot for fringe architects? #27 of the Ordos Project in Inner Mongolia sets up another precedent for avant garde but functional design. We recently wrote about #35 of the Ordos Project – an underground home that takes advantage of the ground’s natural insulation. #27 deals with the extreme elements by a “skin and lung” concept.

The home is wrapped in a dark textured brick facade. The interior space is augmented by a huge “x” all in white plaster. Both materials change their density to deal with heat, cold, light, and air. The idea of the inner lung expanding and contracting isn’t literal, but more of a variance applied to their volumes.

Architects: Multiplicities via Arch Daily

Cross Section

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3


  • Wybie says:


  • Prospero says:

    What a beautiful concept !

    One of my favorite house design.

  • Jade Doel says:

    That is the ultimate cross-section. I envy your design ability.

  • Anastasia says:

    I love the contrast of the setting with the modern design of the house. It almost looks like a sci-fi fantasy… I love it!

  • joshua says:

    i too envy your design ability!!

    Awsome design… but the construction costs would be huge!

    and i doubt i could get a permit in Australia for this 🙂

  • Supek says:

    THIS IS IT!!

    i just love it. The smooth outdoor look is just great. I wonder how ist like to live in place like that… ahh just lovely 🙂

  • Vincent says:

    Please get me one of those 😉 and the beach with a lot of wind and sun near it 🙂 Best windsurfing/surfing house ever!

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