Welcome to Bathroom Paradise

A bathroom of a thousand and one follies, lollies, and lick-em-lollys, a magic fountian flow of non-stop wine, women, and moochie-coochie-koo! OR, or, if you want to be technical about the whole thing: it’s the outdoors indoors. This interior concept is called the “Peaceful Clarity Bathroom” and it’s an exercise in luxury and yes, my favorite, feng shui. Top to bottom! What a lovely bathroom I AM TELLING YOU!

You need to let me tell you! It’s got a rain shower. That’s the big backward-C you see there in the corner, and it’s got a seat. You can sit or stand, and don’t worry about the drain, as the entire floor acts as one. There’s pebbles all across the floor for nice feelings on your feet and as a cover to the drain. At the sink, you’ll notice that the tap is based off the shower system, you hands will feel as though they are being washed by Tlaloc. When you decide to empty the basin of water below the sink, a diagonal bit of glass is there to keep the spray from hitting your feet.

That big black thing is a fireplace, and there’s a TV in the control panel of the shower – just to make sure you don’t miss a single episode of “Livestyles of the Rich and Yanko!”

Designer: Renato Gschwend