Breakfast Skills with no Spills

Bored of morning talk shows? The daily paper too scary to read lately? How about waking your tired butt up with a good round of breakfast olympics? THE BRUNCH by Ivo Vos is a “series of consumer products that celebrate the mundane.” Test your mortar lobbing skills with this angled toaster/launcher. Or see how your peeing accuracy could improve with this height measuring tea pot. Get your obsessive compulsion in check with the obnoxiously accurate bread slicer, cutlery alignment and measuring cup. Or better yet, just read Yanko Design every morning and enjoy the rest of your day.

Designer: Ivo Vos

42o 5.2 N: Toaster brings knowledge, skill and anticipation to the toasting of a slice of
bread, set angle and force to exactly hit your plate.

67.4cm: Teapot records the height one is able to pour tea from. Through the
digital readout, the user is challenged to improve their skill.

0.2mm: Cutlery perfectly aligned on Placemat is rendered invisible, the Holy Grail of
table placement.

23.5ml & 2.41g: Milk and Sugar allow for meticulous taste.

12.3mm: Bread Slicer facilitates even, uniform, precision – cuts.