Screw Rack Clamp Collection by Daniel Rohr

Due to its multifunctional attributes, the use of screw clamps, whose brackets are pressed onto a workpiece by a srew spindle, enables extended utilization e.g. design of a new furniture aesthetics. The idea centers around screw clamps being used as functional – and design objects. The basic component of the rack, with the integrated screw clamps being the main element, and using old and new shelves, made out of diverse material and size, form the variable rack unit. Standards such as rack fixtures become redundant.

1. A rack reduced to its minimum with two screw clamps acting as main components. Each of these main components has two screw clamps and two screw spindles attached which allow for two shelves to be inserted.

2. Modular – expandable – variable rack, consisting of a metal bar to which screw clamps in varying heights are attached, making this rack completely expandable.

Designer: Daniel Rohr