Intergalactic Fun Begins Early

Do you see the look of defiance in this kid’s eyes? He’s like…Do what you want I’m gonna spill that bowl of Cheerios! Grrrr Tiger I like it!
His mom on the other hand is going to have the time of her life trying to vacuum the crushed bits. Tough luck but kids are like that, they abide by Murphy’s Law that if things have to go-spill…they will. To counter this law a great arsenal to mommy’s aid is the Löopa Gyro Bowl.

“This innovative children’s bowl rotates, swivels and dips in every direction, making it difficult for dry food contents to spill out.  Its reactive gravity-defying technology utilizes a weighted inner bowl, which rotates 360 degrees to catch the bowl’s contents as they slosh from side to side, keeping food inside and the floor snack-free.”

The three-part bowl is made from polypropylene plastic and disassembles so that you can wash it conveniently in the dishwasher. Löopa is the brainchild of Brad and Melinda Shepard who managed to get this bowl into production with the help of reality show, Everyday Edisons. You can actually pick this bowl up for under $10 from the homesite here.

Designers: Brad & Melinda Shepard