Open House!

Totally inspired by John Lautner’s villa Chemosphere, this modern version of a spaceship house is simply fantastic. The only difference is that John’s version was stationary and this one’s a trailer. The beauty of this house-on-wheels lies in the fact that its compact and yet boats of ample living quarters. You will find a bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen and an office in the 252° Living Area: Mobile Mini House.

The entire setup of the trailer is based on the rooms fanning out to a 252° radius. The mobile walls and floor of each unit run on rails and can be slid open easily. Just like you open one of those Japanese fans, open up this trailer from under its protective shell and set up your mobile house. It’s as simple as that!

Oh, I forgot to mention that there is a sliding screen that encapsulates the house, to secure it and keep the elements at bay.

I have never done the trailer thing, but I know it must be fun to use one during those camping trips. If I were to get one, this would probably be it.

Designers: Stephanie Bellanger, Amaury Watine, François Gustin & David Dethoor


  • Angger says:

    Super Cool.
    I desperately want this stuff.

  • Anonymous says:

    i dont like that its not enclosed (everything is just out in the open.. but still good idea

    • Tuetis says:

      I’m pretty sure the idea is to have a foldable tarp or something that lines the circumference of the roof, but for the sake of our viewing, it was necessary to expose how it works.

  • rayelle says:

    I’m not sure why this needed to be out in the open the occupants might want some privacy every now and again. Other than that I think this is awesome!

    • BoggyWoggy says:

      Doy. Yeah. Right. In the open? Doy? Did you not read the post? It says, “protective shell” right in the description. Like people would buy one of these and just sleep, dress, shower, etc in the open! OMG!

    • Jess says:

      it shows the covering in a few of the pictures. I would want a better cover for showering dressing and other things such as that. Its really thin and see-thru

      • Steve says:

        God damnit you people. They aren’t revising the social rules of living. They simply neglected to show the full non-transparent cover for prototype/viewing purposes! Occam’s razor!

  • Robert says:

    it said it had a cover. Im sure its not just a screen but uses nylon or canvas like a tent does. I thought that would have been obvious. I would buy one right this moment if i could.

  • clochette says:

    ça c’est la maison de loulou !!!

  • Ivar says:

    It would probably be a somewhat good idea to show it with the canvas whatnot on?
    What is your source, can I investigate this further?

  • weedovnjak says:

    Really great concept! Don’t know about design of interior…but everything except that is great! keep on going!

  • ephemeral says:

    muy buena idea, muy buen desarrollo.
    tengo dudas con ciertas cosas, sobretodo con lo que realmente debería estar presente y lo que es solamente un lujo innecesario… o comodidades muy innecesarias….. a la hora de ir a un camping por ejemplo.
    pero a pesar de todo, brilllante!!!

  • Arrr says:

    That poor man lost his legs two pictures later. This is obviously a render, which is too bad because it’s a pretty cool concept.

    • anonymous says:

      They’re actually under that little desk/worktable the computer is on, and he’s bending to get something, but nice observation.

  • ephemeral says:

    está espectacular
    muy buena idea, muy buen desarrollo.
    tengo dudas con ciertas cosas, sobretodo con lo que realmente debería estar presente y lo que es solamente un lujo innecesario… o comodidades muy innecesarias….. a la hora de ir a un camping por ejemplo.
    pero a pesar de todo, brilllante!!!

  • dreadfest says:

    interesting design, and hats off to the person that thought it up.
    however, this is utterly useless.

    Show hands right now that go Rv’ing on a regular basis. Then show of hands of people that go rving to have the same comforts as home…

  • M.S.W. says:

    I must say I do like the overall design of this mobile camper.

    I do have a couple of suggestions though.

    One is relocate the bathroom area to be the nonsliding unit located on the stationary trailer section. This would provide much easier plumbing configuration then the current layout ( where the fresh/waste water storage are absent)

    Two would be to put couple of those flip down support legs (like the ones underneath the floor platforms) at the end of the bed. This would better distribute the weight load of the cantalevered bed, and thus enhance the longevity of the unit.

  • dcisfun says:

    yes there is a cover however i am curious how they resolve to provide flooring that is sturdy enought to walk on and that folds so it is integrated with each partition. the picture only shows it either fully open or fully closed but not how the components are linked during actual operation. i wouls also like to know what material they would use for the ribs between partitions. overall a very interesting idea from the square living mindset.

  • dcisfun says:

    it seems odd that the person sitting on the toilet has a viewing slot into the shower to look at only the genital areas of the bather. LOL

  • nizam says:

    Really Fantastic. Its best for travelers to save money and keep their privacy and freedom

  • britt says:

    i love this even if i’m not too keen on a lot of the (almost) primary colors.

    i’d actually live in this if i could.

  • foodtown says:


  • great designs, thanks for sharing

  • Fadel says:

    Dear Sir
    kindly inform what the price of this open house and the manufacturer

    BEst regards

  • Henrique Staino says:


  • Justin says:

    Really cool!

  • r10t3r says:

    Really interesting ideas here…and really not that impractical.

  • jal33l says:

    Where does all the flooring come from?

  • stephen russell says:

    Now camping can be Real Fun, again.
    Love to Rent one.
    Hello U Haul?

    Expand U Haul into Campers.

    Below it has these other Apps:
    Temp Base for:
    Search Rescue
    MASH unit?
    C3I Center
    Urban Rescue
    Storm shelter.
    Science studies mobile?
    Lab mobile or fixed Temp.
    Relay Hub.
    All from this 1 design alone.

  • confucius says:

    Nice concept.
    But What are the overnight fees for camping in central park?

  • Akrid says:

    clearly not real.

  • Tiara says:

    Oh man I need to get like a billion dollars and buy all the stuff on here when it’s made. This is amazing..

  • Dean Scott says:


    Great idea, just trying to work out where the floor comes from, it doesn’t appear to sack or fold away… where does the floor go when closed and moving?

    Dean. 🙂

  • pazyryk says:

    i love it. small enuf to tow with my 53 chevy belair yet big enuf to be comfy. i would live in this – gypsy style…


  • Jon Peterson says:

    I love how simple it is for a designer to release 3D-modelled mockups of interesting gadgets, without any technical knowhow or engineering experience, and have consumers go gaga over them.

    A simple glance at the number of walls, along with the thickness of those walls, and any protruding cabinets and shelves, combined with the absence of proper sockets or methods for compressing those protrusions, reveals that this never got past the artboard.

    Nevertheless, if a proper designer were to consult a structural engineer, a similar design (taking into account actual methods of compression) could likely become a hot consumer item.

    Of course, we already have pop-up trailers. And they aren’t very popular.

    • Walt Felix says:

      I agree “without any technical knowhow or engineering experience”. Right away I noticed some questionable flaws with the concept. Most of which were addressed by previous comments, such as plumbing, water or waste tanks on movable walls, where does that floor the wall panels slide out on come from, the wall and floor panels would require more support, etc…

      Another problem I see is a trailer with it’s wheels at the very back of it’s frame. Making it’s tongue weight exceed the capacity of a Mini or many vehicles for that matter. The balance on it would make it tow like crap.

    • Beacher says:

      While this rendering does have some engineering inconsistencies, it could work. I’m an engineer, (that owns a PopUp, BTW). The cantilever bed, and desks would simply need some fold-under legs for support. It’s not an open design, there is tenting shown that expands like an accordion. It could have window panels sewn in where appropriate. To the PopUp reference, ALL grey and black water holding tanks could be external, so the plumbing could be really simple. As for wiring, that’s not even an issue. If the walls and floor are constructed of a carbon fiber honeycomb laminate, the entire trailer weight would be so minimal that there would be so little tongue weight that you could place the axle open the rear bumper.

      • M.S.W. says:

        Hi Beacher if you check out my comment from 03.06.09 you’ll noticed I also mentioned that modifications to the bed.
        Also instead of having the fresh/waste waters storage external if the bathroom section is relocated to the nonmoving portion over the rear axel of the camper plumbing this thing would be very easy.

        As far as tounge weight is concerned as rendered there is an adjustable wheel near the hitch point that looks to be taking the distributed weight off the tounge and onto the trailer chassis. So exotic(and expensive carbon fiber honeycomb laminate is not needed) This design can be easily contructed using standard materials.

        Most of the confusion for people could have been avoided if they posted a animated video of the unit transforming from compact trailer to fully extended trailer.

  • ghandi says:

    how would this ever work. where does all the floor and walls and ceiling go when collapsed? and why would anybody ever want a clear mobile home. renderings look good but concept still needs some work.

    • Beacher says:

      The floor panels stack onto each other, like an asian fan. The walls go together like slices of bread in a loaf. It’s not a clear mobile home, it has tent walls that expand to cover the frame shown in the rendering. It would look something like a giant donut when completely setup.

  • Rasmus says:

    Who the f… needs one of these 🙂

  • vincent says:

    good idea for my moon rover – when I can go there !…

    However my main concern about the concept is this : whether the wall will be transparent or not is debaable but not a problem, but how and where the flooring will fold in ???…

  • Manny says:

    I like how the first picture has the surroundings blurred so it looks like the car is moving, but there’s no one driving the car.
    Haha :]

  • bill says:

    I’m torn between the awesome design and the fact that trailer camping is really really lame.

  • Shelbel says:

    As interesting as the concept is, I’m wondering what is it’s intended use? If it’s for camping, there would be a lot of campgrounds that would have to reconfigure the layouts of their campsites and whole campground to accomodate the size of this ‘trailer’ when it’s fully opened. What sort of leveling mechanisms does it have? It’s sometimes difficult to level a Motorhome on a given campsite, how would you level this without it being a huge undertaking? It also looks like it has only one bedroom, thus one bed…how would a family of 4 or more be able to use this (if camping trailer is it’s purpose)?

  • lj says:

    do u know if this is available to buy yet? if so where?

  • Kelli says:

    The only problem I have is the sliding screen still seems pretty see through. How would you shower, use the bathroom, change without anyone seeing it?

  • veroaghe says:

    There goes the idea of camping.
    this is more living than camping, you can’t just modernise everything and get away with it
    it could go through as a cheap house, ust buy a piece of ground an place this trailer on it and start living :p

  • Jonatan says:

    I want one of that but with tinted windows… lol…

  • javier says:


  • l0n3lyknight says:

    Its awesome! But, look at the floor… It seems like not fordable.

    • M.S.W. says:

      The designers should create a video demo of the transformation sequence showing exactly how and where all the parts come from.

  • rob in Vorm says:

    i want to test this concept
    in Europe( Embrun France)
    tell me all about it…
    how to arrange it?

  • anquan battle says:

    Awesome idea, but i would have to say i wouldn’t want to shower with the whole park watching. Another idea would be to look at Jay Schafer’s mini-house idea that is incredibly efficent and CLOSED haha. check it out in the latest issue of flypmedia.


  • DaLk says:

    Funny human-sized version of Barbie (or clone) foldable house. like the same toy, it has total disregard for plumbing, electricity and the harsh reality of storage (where do you put the 100m² canopy and floor).Random lamps in the way of folding are the coup de grace to credibility. So much for the great work accomplished to have the walls and “appendages” fitting together so nicely. All looks, not function… so french (i’m french and too much acquainted with that way of thinking).

  • rose says:

    defeats the purpose of ‘camping’ don’t you think. like fair enough, there’s a bed but there’s even a section where they have a study room and a fridge… why holiday if you’re going to bring all your home comforts with you?

  • Maurice says:

    this is VERY beautiful.. i want one now!!! lol

    • Clem says:

      I like the idea of a transparent canopy. What a veiw!. Who is going to see you in the African bush ,miles away from any people.The transparent canopy would only serve to keep the lions and Hyenas out.

  • Jesse says:

    Why don’t people actually build these things?

    Living in that would be so awesome.

  • Nafi says:

    from where can i got this and how much it cost

  • Alex says:

    Brilliant!!! <3

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