Jeeze Frank, that is a Nice Kitchen Hood!

Robert Brunner of Ammunition Group steps up with a mince-no-words collection of kitchen hoods. You know the kind: big, ugly, yellow. Or at least they’re that way if you’re living in a house whose kitchen hasn’t been updated in the past 10 years. Get minimal! Get something from the “Arc Collection.” The colors and designs range seven main categories, but they’re all 36 inches wide, suck smoke, and shine light.

At Yanko, not oft does a kitchen-related hood come along worth the glancing. In fact, only two have been reported on: the All In One Kitchen by Sebastien Poupeau, and the Aion, Kitchen of the Future, by Antoine Lebrun. Both of these were relatively popular posts. Does this mean we need more design work in the kitchen, or that we’ve just got such perfect kitchens that none need be done?

Designer: Robert Brunner of Ammunition Group