Cooking Plates

Lotus is a wireless cooking system that offers an elegant alternative to the conventional static hob. Each piece is specifically designed for various cooking styles and meal types. There is a tepan yaki plate, a wok hob (the bowl like piece), a grill plate and induction plates. The pieces are powered using resonant induction. There are transmission coils hidden beneath the counter top and receiving coils in each of the pieces. Power can be transferred to one or all of the pieces at any one time.

Clean up is a cinch since you can dunk the plates in water. Although many avid cooks argue nothing beats the flavor and efficiency of a meal cooked by fire, home chefs like myself prefer flexibility and easy clean up. Safety is another huge advantage here. The heat ferrous directly by creating a magnetic field causing edding currents in the metal to heat up. Therefore they always remain cool and are safe to pick up almost immediately after cooking. Of course there are handles just to ease the minds who are hardwired never to touch anything hot.

Designers: David Barry & Laurence Finnegan