Cooking Plates

Lotus is a wireless cooking system that offers an elegant alternative to the conventional static hob. Each piece is specifically designed for various cooking styles and meal types. There is a tepan yaki plate, a wok hob (the bowl like piece), a grill plate and induction plates. The pieces are powered using resonant induction. There are transmission coils hidden beneath the counter top and receiving coils in each of the pieces. Power can be transferred to one or all of the pieces at any one time.

Clean up is a cinch since you can dunk the plates in water. Although many avid cooks argue nothing beats the flavor and efficiency of a meal cooked by fire, home chefs like myself prefer flexibility and easy clean up. Safety is another huge advantage here. The heat ferrous directly by creating a magnetic field causing edding currents in the metal to heat up. Therefore they always remain cool and are safe to pick up almost immediately after cooking. Of course there are handles just to ease the minds who are hardwired never to touch anything hot.

Designers: David Barry & Laurence Finnegan


  • Keith says:

    I will never cook on an electric cooktop. I think this is a mindset that will need to be changed before a concept like this would ever catch on. I have yet to cook on an eletric cooktop that was as good as cooking over a burner.

    • Alvin says:

      “I think this is a mindset that will need to be changed before a concept like this would ever catch on.”

      Have you ever visited Florida? Most if not all people there use electric cook tops.

      “I have yet to cook on an electric cook top that was as good as cooking over a burner.”

      I would have agreed with you about using an electric cook top over a gas range, but that was before I got an induction cook top. Induction is the way to go! It’s incredibly efficient and easy to clean. The only thing I miss about a gas range is making popcorn w/ my Whirley Pop. 🙁

  • I think this is really a lifestyle thing…perhaps it wouldn’t work for Keith, but as a bachelor who is at once no kind of chef and a fan of fashionable design, I think this is a great device. The easy clean up is fantastic to me, and the constant cool touch is priceless.

  • Todd says:

    I think that is a really neat idea to have plates that cook. Love it. It’s a concept that has all kinds of application possibilites.

  • jens says:

    what kind of materials would be used? has there been done research about feasibility? looks interesting as a concept but hard to imagine it can be produced with materials that already exist or are up to come within the next years. but please proof me wrong.

    • KwangErn says:


    • David Barry says:

      Hi i’m one of the designers of the lotus. The set uses ceramic glass on the top surface and aluminum for the body. There are no high tech future materials needed for the system. The pieces basically operate like conventional induction hobs. The only new technology applied is the wireless power. The resonant inductive power system used is already used in a water purification product called the Espring. The power transfer is only efficient over short distances making it perfect for this application. You can watch videos about the system on youtube if you type in ‘ecoupled wireless power’. I realise the whole system seems like its powered by pixie dust or something but it is actually quite feasible

      • J Fannin says:

        Hi David, congratulations on a clearly innovative and beautifully simple concept. Perhaps you would like to forward more details about Lotus so that I can take a closer look. J Fannin. Martin Food Equipment.

      • B K Singh says:

        David can you let me know where can i buy them from

  • gmontgomery says:

    This is pretty cool, it seems to me that you would have to run the special wiring through/underneath any surface you wanted to use it on. I dont have any idea the power it would take but it seems reasonable

  • 800731800 says:

    is that possible???

    where does the power come from, wireless?

  • Alison says:

    Are these in production yet? If so, could you please let me know where they are available. Very interested!

  • Ling says:

    Are they induction stovetops?

  • Fay says:

    When will these be available?

  • eboy says:

    hmm ithought of something similar but offfcourse my decenters mention “what happpens when it turns on buy mistake while you are using it?” and i had nothing to say to them

  • It looks like the iPad ! , yet it's essential idea with intuitive designed body !

  • It looks like the iPad ! , yet it's essential idea with intuitive designed body !

  • Bobby Bedi says:

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