Autonomous Travel Pod

Inspired by biomimicry & artificial intelligence, Autonomo is a fully autonomous vehicle designed to alleviate traffic congestion & maximize the use of existing road networks in large cities in a complex, synchronized system. Autonomo’s on-board computer will make real-time decisions to control direction, detect surrounding objects, anticipate events, and maintain awareness of the environment. Imagine each pod as an individual organism within a much larger pack. Can’t wait for this!

Autonomo vehicles respond to the city’s mobility needs in total synchronization and coordination which each individual vehicles’ task. The vehicles will act as a single organism across the entire city’s road network with the sole task of safe, fast, energy efficient transportation. The Autonomo vehicles will move through the city’s road network like a school of fish, using everything it has learnt to conserve energy and work together.

In developing Autonomo, research into biomimicry revealed many insights into how energy was conserved when valued as a scarce resource that needs to be constantly replenished. Other findings included the organization and collaboration between large numbers of individual organisms to form a collective whole. There are many examples of this in the animal kingdom where certain species act in collective unity to achieve each individual’s common goals.

Autonomo will use overlapping layers of sensors and combine the strengths of each to build an artificial 3D picture of the world in real time. The sensors could include radar, microwave, lidar, optical and infrared. Lidar and laser could be used to scan the road for vehicles up to 200 meters in front and behind. An array of high definition cameras used in conjunction with object recognition technology can read lane markers and road signs, interpret human gestures, detect road signs, and predict the path of pedestrians, cyclist, vehicles, hazards and other objects. Different types of microwave sensors will be tasked to accurately determine very close distances around the vehicle and also scan the road surface conditions ahead. Infrared could compliment other types of sensors like optical cameras where line of sight may be impeded due to objects or weather conditions.

Underneath the nanoscale surface texture, Autonomo will have two transparent photovoltaic layers to turn solar energy into electricity. It uses advanced lightweight batteries to store energy and is able to be charged wirelessly in minutes though electrodynamic induction or energy transfer lasers. High-volume roads or lanes could have induction charging pads placed on the surface to wirelessly charge vehicles as they are moving. When in platoon mode, the Autonomo vehicles would also share energy with vehicles at the front of the platoon.

Designer: Charles Rattray


  • Brian says:

    DUUUDE AMAZING. this is definitely the future!

  • Len says:

    Can it turn ?

  • Quintin says:

    This is never going to work… How many people do you see driving the same car at the same time? People aren’t like that. If I buy a new car, my neighbour starts looking to buy a more expensive car.

    This looks like another cool looking design with a random list of specifications.

    The best and most elegant designs in my opinion are the designs where form follows function (not all of them, of course). This is a form with an impressive list of functions thrown in afterwards.

  • tor says:

    Woww ! it looks cool. Can it really be produced ?

  • James says:

    Wow, I thought people would have seen it straight away but I guess not. As soon as I opened it up I thought “looks like someone’s seen Minority Report one too many times”.

  • Charles says:

    Heres the animation for this concept. May explain some unanswered questions

  • scifi coolness.

  • Blake says:

    But will it blend?

  • Alan says:

    Minority report?

  • Ian says:

    I think, Quintin(?!), you have missed the point. These would REPLACE cars. I would happily sell my cars to some other city/country and throw the money willingly at my city if it meant I could order up one of these to take me to work or town (like a cab) and then get out EXACTLY where I need to go and forget about the vehicle (as now it is off to drive someone else about). It is a communal car concept that has myriad advantages over the current inefficient system: buy a car that spends 95% of its life sitting doing nothing but devaluing and aging (insanity!). This WILL work Quintin because we will no longer be thinking like you and the older generations.

  • Len says:

    I mean the risk of overturning…

  • Artem says:

    Absolutely!! And more, it does not has designs, ergonomics, technologies, layout; It is even not a concept.

  • Quintin says:

    I haven’t missed the point at all. It is you who missed the point.

    Two thirds of my comment was about the design, not the concept of communal cars (that’s here already: look at public transport and taxi’s). The concept of automated private communal transport has been around for ages too.

    This design is just that, a good looking but impractical design. With some specifications from a scifi movie thrown in.

    Very cool when you look at it like that, just not realistic…

  • Funny solution!
    Great idea!

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