Time Shant Stop Until We Reach…

Equilibrium! Yes, until all scales are equal, all minds at rest, every video program recorded to VHS cassette, time must go on! And if you want to know where it is, where it was, and where it’s going, you’re gonna need a watch! And what better watch to slap on your wrist at a time like this than the “Equilibrium Watch” from Projects Design. It’s got all the creative time display you need.

Inspired by the artificial horizon instruments in the cockpit of an aircraft, the Equilibrium Watch has an aesthetic all its own. It’s quite simple to read once the wearer understands the simple sense of it all: that being the tiny circle in the center to show the seconds, the next largest circle with the smallest red dot showing minutes, and the largest showing hours.

Designers: Projects Design [ Buy it Here Equilibrium Watch ($95) is available @ YD Store ]

See how this watch displays time:


Equilibrium Watch ($95) is available @ YD Store

Equilibrium Watch by Projects Design