Pre-Burned Furniture For That Indie Housefire Look

If you’re going for that lived-in look for your apartment but find everything you buy just comes off as too new you might try the Frene chair/step-up by Camillo Vanacore.  Completely transforming the object by charring its wooden surface, Camillo draws the eye and hand in desire to feel its unique texture.  The piece itself is a combination chair and four-step ladder for reaching that copy of Fahrenheit 451 perched high up on your bookshelf.  Hit the Jump for the chair’s different configurations.

Designers: Camillo Vanacore & Djordje Cukanovic


  • will says:

    Err… did designer research the idea?

  • WE88 says:

    seems similar to the smoke series by maarten baas still a nice finish tho

  • John Q says:

    love the texture, not the chair. I feel like he should have focused more on a design that would make the texture stand out, not make it have 15 different functions

  • Jaster says:

    lol the title is hilarious!

  • Benjamin says:

    sorry but this looks like not such an original idea.

    If you want to see a product where the texture compiments the whole design take a look at Maarten’s stuff,

    please a bit more research before you start designing stuff, to all of us.

  • wil from France says:

    not very funky!…

  • Designer says:

    Maarten Baas!

  • Danny says:


  • bep says:

    yeah.. why would yanko publish this??
    it is obviously Maarten Baas…

    besides that, I am not very fond of Baas, in my mind one of the single most overrated designers out there.

    what is next? a vomit etched sideboard?


    • hyomi says:

      totally agree.
      please consider before to publushed.
      if you don’t, it’s not design webstie.

  • baas says:

    Maarten Baas copy!!!!!!!

  • Yann says:

    Interesting works. A invitation to touch (which is not the case with baas’ stuff i just discovered too at the moment).

    I personnaly think they don’t do the same, even though technique description would be the same. Oh my god, they both used wood ? Adam&Eve copy !!

  • jeramey says:

    i wonder if there is some sort of sealant to keep the integrity of the wood intact…not to mention keep the soot off of you too.

    • WE88 says:

      On the Bass chairs the surface has what seems to be a plastic coated finish there are a few of them knocking about in a public room of a local gallery free for anyone to use so the structure of the chair is not affected by this effect.

  • chudes says:

    I see that a lots of you do NOT know what the word concept means, and write name of Baas just becouse you saw it on his web meybe or maybe even not(just looking what the other says)!!! It’s true that Baas’s created an amaising line called smoke but the concept is diferent! He burnes already famous peases of furniture!!! At this one we can see only burned surface of he chair, so the wood inside remains unburned in the way that in this way it’s just a way to get the burned texture.

    • W says:

      Chudes, I see you did your research…say this is a different concept is pushing it a bit.

      And your argument is not correct. Maarten did some pieces for Moss which were using famous pieces but thats not the case for all the Smoke series. You should know this.

      If I made some dolls with penis noses then everyone would scream “Chapman brothers!” Its the same thing with burning furniture- its always going to be Maartens idea.

      • Eric says:

        Just because one person invented the telescope doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t enjoy it now because ours isn’t an “original.” Who cares who’s associated with this, it looks neat!

        • W says:

          ‘m sure Maarten Baas doesnt care but if you are not that famous then its very distressing. 3 designers I know have had their work copied by chinese

  • Daniel says:

    I’m very surprised that no one has pointed out that this is a Franklin step stool chair. Ben Franklin designed the step stool chair concept, so this isn’t some new chair and some stolen finish. It’s actually a really old chair design with an old Japanese finish. Do your research before being a critic.

  • Billy says:

    Old japanese finish??? post pics or stfu

  • Cat Leccia says:

    design lovers, i think you should take a look at one amazing brand. Boca do Lobo, it’s very inspiring 😀

  • DEB says:


  • DEB says:


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