Vintage-looking desk clock is handmade with brass and copper materials

Time-telling has become one of those things we take for granted since we only have to look at our computer or our smartphones or our smartwatches to find out the current time. Sure there are still some places that have actual wall clocks or desk clocks but even those have become few and far between. It’s also rare now for people to collect unique-looking clocks but for those who actually do it, there is a “rare find” clock that you can find on Etsy if you can spare around $900.

Designer: Sergey

If you’re very much into hand crafted stuff that looks pretty unique and classic, the Nixei tube vintage clock may interest you. It looks like something that would have fit in during the Victorian era in a 19th century home. Its design is basically a hydro-mechanical column with manual drive and is made from brass, copper, bronze, and glass. They are soldered and threaded together and all these parts are connected by hand.

It can tell time in either the 12 and 24 hour format and has seven different colors as indicators. You can turn off the glow of these indicators if it proves to be too distracting at night. There are three buttons to control the different functions of the clock and you don’t need to be connected to a network to make it function. It is powered by a 5V adaptor and has a 24 x 29 x 11 cm dimension.

Oh and aside from telling time, it can also serve as a phone stand as there’s a cylinder shape on the side of the clock that can hold your smartphone. Of course it destroys the illusion of being a vintage piece if you put a modern device there but if you’re going for a contrast, then that’s the perfect thing to add to this desk clock.