Not So Red But Sassy

Bono…oh Bono! I would do anything for you. I will even humor this cool looking Zik MP3 player that endorses Product Red along with Sony. Funnily, Sony is not even a part of the project, but that doesn’t stop designer Harold Terosier a bit. Bluetooth, recycled plastic, docking station, USB, the usual gamut packed into a 3-centimeter pendant player.
Product Red is a good cause, so I am willing to let go this faux pas by the designer, hopefully you guys will do the same. BTW Bono would I look sassy in RED?

Designer: Harold Terosier


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  • maggie says:

    i think it very nice one and nice mp3. so, i want to ask that if i want it how much price of this mp3 and i stay at thailand how can i buy it. can u answer back to me please. I really want this mp3.

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