Tweaked Vinyl Player With Modern Perks

Self-confessed retro lover is here to tell you about this remarkable find! Bringing a modern-day charm to the long-forgotten LP player is the Zero. 1. It’s a CD Player that can also play the vinyl records. What’s really unique is that a system has been incorporated where the device is able to “read” the gaps between the tracks, memorize them, and make it selectable, quite like how you would do with a CD.

The modern-day advantages include a CD system with an auto-recording feature that will hold a terabyte of memory. Files supported include MP3, MP4, WAV etc. It’s been originally designed for the Italian company Brionvega.

The remote control, me on the rocking chair and Genesis on the Zero. 1 and I am set for the moment!

Designer: Francesco Cugusi & Roberto Strippoli