Not Your Mama’s Flowerpot

The Water Recycling Flowerpot makes the rest seem BASIC! Using a unique double-hallow structure, it’s able to recycle the leftover water that remains in the pot after watering. Water is stored inside the inner wall, preventing overwatering yet ensuring hydration. The water inside evaporates and condenses into droplets that fall back to the soil, creating the process of recycled irrigation. Made of crystal-clear glass, it’s fun and easy to see exactly what’s going on inside!

Designers: JiaChen Du, YangHan Wang, WenZai Ye


  • It is a perfect concept 🙂

  • Xenagogue says:

    How would one keep algae/mould growth down, inside the container?

  • This is a great idea!

  • rachel says:

    in response to the question about algae/mold (and I’m not certain about this, but it may be worth looking into), flushing the system with a 10:1 ratio of water and food-grade hydrogen peroxide may help rid it of the bacteria/fungus/algae. as for a preventative measure, inserting the pot into an opaque container would help prevent problematic growth (albeit, detract from the beauty of this product’s design). again, those are just thoughts off the top of my mind. I’d love to own one of these myself, but would have the same concerns.

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