LG Synthesis Belongs On Your Keychain

Another beautifully rendered phone concept from our favorite 16 year old designer, Andrew Seunghyun Kim, his LG Synthesis concept presents a simple touchscreen based smart phone.  While subverted in this post’s title, the phone’s hole is actually intended  as a low-tech viewfinder and docking port on its tree-like recharging station.  Beyond that, it’s solar powered headset and Kate Moss-like form factor make this the most refined thing to have come out of any 16-year-old I know.

Designer: Andrew Seunghyun Kim


  • Daniël says:

    Just Respect

  • FLX says:

    I actually prefered the hole as intended for a Keychain when i read the headline. Why use that hole as a viewfinder if you have a 3.5″ screen anyway?!

    Looks great, though – nice work, kid.

    • Pzon says:

      I love the whole design, but it would be better to get rid of the button and just make the screen even larger to like a 3.8″-4″ screen. Touch technology makes it easier to view stuff than using manual input!

  • Daniël says:

    Just Respect

  • DAn says:

    should have a vedio calling camera in front….

  • DAn says:

    + flash light LOL

  • Ekove says:

    I love this design. Probably his best so far imo. Still lacks a flash light. Hate phones that don’t come with one, they’re very handy even without a camera.

    • Pzon says:

      Although a flash light should be included, if the camera had night vision, would you prefer it more?

      • Grey says:

        Funny how you just said a second camera is costly, now you want night vision.

        I think this design is sweet, especially with the hole, (agree with FLX on not to be named as view finder)

        NO one really wants an iPhone anyway, as the BMW of the mobile age.

  • Vashe says:

    oh cool another iphone…. but the button is on the right this time oooooooo!!!

    • Jessica says:

      That’s not a button..

    • pepinthewicked says:

      Seriously, dude, save sarcasm for someone else who can’t read a concept through to the end. You missed the whole point.

  • John Q says:

    yeah this thing looks nice, but its too thin.
    imagine walking around with that in your pocket, and you hit your thigh against something and its broken in half. Nobody wants a fat phone, but a really thin phone isn’t that great either. Also, that charging station takes up way too much room just to charge a gadget.

  • PSHHHHHHHH says:

    give me a break. any designer can make that rendering in photoshop of a PHONE. we dont because its immediately criticized, I WONDER WHY

    • John Q says:

      innovation DOES NOT = thinner

      • pepinthewicked says:

        On the contrary, thinner is a supreme innovation. There are plenty of examples of thin innovations that you would give a nut for – mmm flexible OLED displays. The problem here, however, is that drawing something thin and making it thin are very different processes. And in this case, the anorexic concept at hand isn’t innovative because it’s thin.

        It’s innovative because–and this may seem super banal–it has a hole in it. A nice big clear clean hole. Suddenly the phone has a new grip, attachment, charging station (not so much a view finder, sorry). Find me a good gadget with such a defining feature. Until then, I’d like to tip my hat to this young designer.

        In other news, this concept has been floating around for months. And you missed the part where the ear piece clips into the neat little hole.

      • Pzon says:

        Thinner does help improve a design as it makes it more compact and portable. However, it seems like all phones are just getting thinner and thinner and smaller and smaller. Eventually, we won’t be able to see them!

        It’s more about the features that are included in the phone, but its size, weight and thickness should also be taken into consideration!

  • Eric says:

    It would be cool if there was an accurate proximity sensor that could judge how far away your face was from the hole; to focus on screen automatically everything that would fit into “frame” from that distance to your eye… Then blink to snap a photo and keep changing distances/positions and blinking to take several, fast! Sweet…. 😉

  • Pzon says:

    Thanks! I have included this in my blog as it is great!

  • Superb design by a 16-year old.
    Congratulations for this work!

  • jojo says:

    this one is sick

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