Rolling in the Deep

The Titanic would have been a very different film if the ship had a Roll Tube. The device is a pretty inconspicuous looking contraption that holds multiple hydrophobic foam boards that expand and inflate on contact with water. Ideal for when many lives need to be saved. All you have to do is pull out the foam boards and throw them in the water. The moment they touch water, they puff up and become highly effective flotation devices.

Take that Rose! Jack lives!!

Designer: Chanyeop Jeong

Author: Sarang Sheth


  • Raj says:

    Really very helpful. Thanks for Sharing..

  • pimack says:

    The issue most of the ‘temporary’ survivors of the Titanic had, was not lack of flotation devices, but the temperature of the water…

  • The other issue is the massive sinkhole that would have drowned anyone that didn’t get far enough away from the ship as it sank.. but cool device nonetheless.

  • stephen russell says:

    Test on cruise ships, USCG cutters, yachts, & HI, Caribbean, Med Sea, Red Sea, Australia.

  • Rabbit Chen says:

    Pretty good design , but jack was freeze to death (●—●).

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