Primal Earbones

From the innately elegant design sensations of fuseproject comes this technologically and aesthetically candy-coated little device. It is a hands-free bluetooth device for your ear. Telephone and etcetera. With colorway names like this, how can one resist? Yello, Drop me a Lime, Lilac You Mean it, and Frankly Scarlett. These are the next level earbone pieces after the one we reviewed last year.

This model Jawbone, titled “Jawbone Prime,” is the third iteration. As you’ll read from Long Tran’s review up there, massive changes had been made from the first to the second, and now on the third, the PRIME that is, comes big improvements again.

I can’t speak for the actual working nature of the device as I don’t have one plugged in my ear, but take a little read for judgement: Size reduced again, plastics, no earhook, and four freshtastic flavors.

EARCANDY is a summer color burst, bringing self-expression and a smile to the Jawbone line-up. We are treating our colors and textures like others are treating fabrics, bringing together material richness and personal expression.

Yummy in my tummy. Er… in my ear.

I want all of you Industrial Designers out there to take note of this project because THIS is what happens when a multidisciplinary design group like fuseproject gets ahold of your design: magic!

Designer: fuseproject

Jawbone Prime by fuseproject 01

Jawbone Prime by fuseproject 02

Jawbone Prime by fuseproject 03

Jawbone Prime by fuseproject 04

Jawbone Prime by fuseproject 05

Jawbone Prime by fuseproject 06